50 Blog Ideas for Newbie Mommy Bloggers

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Like any other newbie Mommy Bloggers, I’m also new in the bandwagon of bloggers. It’s a new concept for me though as early as 10 years ago, I’ve been seeing the works of these famous mommy bloggers that we have now and I was quite impressed on how they come up with loads of ideas and the way they present it in social media. And during those times I have less experiences as mom so I knew I didn’t have much to tell. But now since I am a certified mom and household manager for quite sometime, it seems that there’s a lot to talk about now and share. The world needs source of inspirations and positive perspectives and these bloggers can definitely contribute to that purpose.

We have lots of mommy bloggers out there and they as mothers, we know that they have tons of things to do in a day. But these mothers have acquired the skills of having an outstanding multi-tasking abilities. Reason why mommy bloggers can able to squeeze in their writing prowess while managing the households. Blogging can keep them out of burnout, loneliness and even depression. It helps them to be sane and grounded of the things needed to be accomplished for the family.

Blogging is not a complex thing to do. A little research on the topics you want to blog about (there’s Google to tell you anything you want to ask him), ready tools and apps to get you your perfect pictures for your blog and a vast life experiences that you have with you all the time are all you need to start a blog.

Here are some of the simple ideas newbie Mommy bloggers can write about:

  1. Share silly stories of you and your kids
  2. Pampering moments and ideas for hardworking mothers
  3. Your kids wins and losses in school & describe how they overcome obstacles while studying
  4. Money saving tips
  5. Difference of your blogs from other mother bloggers
  6. You and your husband’s love stories
  7. Confess your biggest failure in parenting
  8. Your next vacation trip as family
  9. Your struggles in raising your kids
  10. If you have support group of moms within your community, mention how do these support groups helped you in your parenting style and improved your relationship with your family
  11. Choose a celebrity mom you identify most with in terms of parenting style and explain why
  12. Share your summer tips and how you get your kids busy while school is off
  13. Take a stand on a very controversial and trending news these days that are often talked about in social media
  14. Talk about your stories during your teenage years that you cant forget up to this day
  15. Try looking at some popular blogs you can see or blogs you follow and explain why you like them or why you don’t agree perhaps on their topics discussed in their blog
  16. Mention your best friends and show their pictures in your blog and tell why you love them so much
  17. Enumerate the difficulties you’ve experience in rearing your kids when they were still babies and explain how you’ve overcome them
  18. Tell your readers what you want to accomplish in the next 20 years of your life
  19. Share your favorite books 
  20. Tips on how to deal with heart breaks and moving on
  21. Tell your favorite childhood memories
  22. Tips in handling your finances or your failures and mistakes made in handling it
  23. Discuss kinds of children’s most common types of sickness or diseases, its symptoms and cures
  24. If you are a tech-savvy mom, share your updated gadgets, its apps and what it can do and how the use of those gadgets can make your life a lot easier and better
  25. Brag about your new shopping haul or discounts made on your last trip to the mall
  26. Share your mom hacks or organizing tips around the house
  27. Try to make a video blog once a week
  28. Interview another mom about just any subject under the sun that might interest your readers and subscribers
  29. Recommend your favorite online stores or online suppliers in your blog
  30. Highlight your kid’s strengths, abilities and skills
  31. Share your grocery tips, vlog some goodies especially new product that just came out in the market
  32. Introduce some of your own home-cooked recipes
  33. Tell about the love stories of your parents that you know of
  34. Tell your own love story too or of your exes (this I dare you, hahaha)
  35. Share your political stand on some of our country’s top issues
  36. Try to wear make-up and take pictures yourself and post it in your website. 
  37. Share your go-to bag and mention the things that you usually bring in with your on a daily basis
  38. Your top favorite singers and songs
  39. Write a tutorial write-ups for example on how to blog, how to cook a dish, how to open a paypal account, etc
  40. Share your parenting styles with other moms
  41. Watch a movie and flash your reviews about the movie
  42. Host a contest or giveaways for crowd sourcing purposes
  43. Tell your readers of your wishes for your kids and family 10 years from now
  44. Self care tips
  45. Share your nutritional diet if you have one
  46. Projects that you want to start today or the coming years
  47. How your children fascinate you
  48. Boast about your success or little wins regularly
  49. Explain why you post pictures of your kids a lot and why you don’t
  50. Encourage other moms to blog too

There’s a lot of ideas to bring in to your blog. Seeing this simple list, anybody can just make a blog anytime. Usually you blog about your own experiences most of the time and not about something you don’t know , right? So what are you waiting for, start now! It’s fun and so fulfilling too.