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I am Wise Si Mommy!

I’m Lyn De Francia from the Philippines. Mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, writer, cook, former Human Resources practitioner and a household manager for life. Experienced a different gaze and view of life when I became a mom. Began to think less for myself now and more for my little ones and my only true love. They are the closest to heaven for me. I move my world around them.

But as they say love isn’t enough. I feel I have a lot more to give for the family and the world. Learning never stops for me. I want to inspire other moms out there that moms these days can do a lot more and better. If you got what it takes, you have a talent and more importantly passion for what you want to do in life…. do it! Do it not for the sake of anybody else but because you want to and it makes you happy. If you’re a mom like me, you just want to give it all and share it with the world.

This blog site tells the story of me and my family life, my experiences, my passion, my learnings and what I still want to do in this lifetime. In here you’ll also find my own family recipes which I want to share especially for non-cook moms. You’ll also find me and my other stories in other social media apps in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. 

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