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I am Wise Si Mommy!

Mommy Lyn was a Behavioral Science student before she found her calling. A true full blood Filipino by birth. A Paulinian and a Thomasian by education. HR practitioner by profession. Retail store co-owner. Online seller on the side. A full time wife and mother for life.
After working in several top multi-million companies here in the Philippines for 16 long years and then giving birth, life has never been the same for her. Said goodbyes to her office attires long time ago and welcomed her 24/7 house clothes with apron since then to present. Married to a loving family man for 20 long blissful yet roller-coaster-ride years but still madly in love with him every time. Crazy in love with her two sweet daughters who both came in to this world 10 years after she was married. Now full time household manager in her simple house in Bulacan. Online seller on the side and a co-owner of a physical store of baby clothing and accessories as her current bread and butter.
Life has been tough for her but she’s a strong woman. Determined to make it big in time but doubles her effort in making her family as her top most priority. On her idle moments, she blogs and help make a difference to a simple yet complicated life of a mom like her thru her writings by inspiring them to see their thru calling wherever they may be and what stages they may be in.
This is the reason why Wise Si Mommy blogs, pages and video blogs were born. It was out of curiosity at first since she is also a techy geek business minded mom who wants to make a contribution financially no matter how little it is. But as she started doing it like any other mommy bloggers, whom she got her ideas and inspiration, she got motivated to the idea that a mom left alone in the house for 8-9 long hours alone can do something to inspire her mom audience and other people thru sharing her life’s experiences, mommy tips, public info dissemination, story-telling, cooking skills, life quotes and simply sharing a piece of herself to the world can make a difference to another being. That’s something.
She hopes that you will like what you will be seeing in all her blogs and vlogs from hereon. Keep on reading her writings and come to know her more.
You may send her your messages, suggestions and contributions here:
YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/wisesimommy
For business establishments, commercials and food brand owners who would like their logos, new product launches and advertisements to be seen in her website and blogs, kindly email her.