Benefits of Getting Your Kids Into Reading Books

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Reading books to your kids early on can post huge benefits to your children in the future. Instead of just pure toys present during their playtime, include any short story books or books with large and colorful images for them to look at. It doesn’t matter if they can’t still read during the early stage. Simply looking at the images in the books can stimulate part of the child’s brain that is responsible for the cognitive development of the child. And this will build on as the child progresses in his reading practices and exposure to books.

What are the benefits of reading books to children?

  • Reading books stimulates brain’s cognitive function or the brains capacity to help them think, explore and figure things out
  • Reading books can increase and widen children’s imagination
  • Reading books can improve their vocabulary, language skills and reading comprehension
  • Reading books helps them to focus
  • Reading books build up self-confidence
  • Reading books can help them see and understand the world around them
  • Reading books is fun
  • Reading books keeps the bond between parents and children

My kids love to go to the bookstore every time we are at the mall. It’s their happy haven. They don’t intend to buy though. Just to touch and check out the pages of the books become an innate habit to them. It’s just fun to see them enjoying books. I hope and pray that they don’t forget the habit till they get old.