I sang with the UST Chorus of Arts & Letters Again After 25 Years

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Aside from being a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, I am also a music lover. Music moves me and keeps me going despite of what’s happening around.

Now after 25 years, I got to share music one more time with my friends and music mates from UST Chorus of Arts and Letters with this wonderful project we call the “Rainbow Connection Project“. We have been tuned in with each other for a couple of months now in a group chat about this project. We have been reunited one more time and rekindled the friendships we have left behind after our college stint. We may have our different lives now and been to places around the globe but still that bond in us remains. 25 long years of friendships and music kept us together one more time.
We are sharing with you now this song to inspire friends and people around that despite of what’s happening in the world there still hope, faith and chances if we will only count our rainbows instead of our storms.



Click our choir video here: