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BDO Cash Card Advisory Re Customer Information Update

I received a SMS notification way back in July 2019 informing me that I needed to update my Customer Information ...
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Benefits of Getting Your Kids Into Reading Books

Reading books to your kids early on can post huge benefits to your children in the future. Instead of just ...
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Why Having No Maid Is A Plus

Early in our marriage, my husband and I never thought of hiring someone as helper. We rented out a small ...
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Ways To Prevent Dengue Right In Our Own Homes

Lately, Dengue news alerts have been circling everywhere now in the community. It's not the bees that's making the buzz ...
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Taytay Bazaars: Truely A Garment Haven Zone

Taytay is the 9th biggest city in the Calabarzon and famously dubbed as "Garments Capital of the Philippines"in the province ...
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Summer Activities On A Budget

Summer time has always been the most fun and anticipated season for our kids. It is their best time to ...
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