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50 Blog Ideas for Newbie Mommy Bloggers

Like any other newbie Mommy Bloggers, I'm also new in the bandwagon of bloggers. It's a new concept for me though as early as 10 ...
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BDO Cash Card Advisory Re Customer Information Update

I received a SMS notification way back in July 2019 informing me that I needed to update my Customer Information records with my BDO Branch ...
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Ways To Prevent Dengue Right In Our Own Homes

Lately, Dengue news alerts have been circling everywhere now in the community. It's not the bees that's making the buzz these days but the mosquitoes ...
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Taytay Bazaars: Truely A Garment Haven Zone

Taytay is the 9th biggest city in the Calabarzon and famously dubbed as "Garments Capital of the Philippines"in the province of Rizal. Geographically, Taytay is ...
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