Silver Linings Amidst A World’s Deadliest Pandemic

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

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“Every dark cloud has its silver linings.” I believe this even if there’s a little amount of uncertainties around it. Because that’s what we were taught as children of God, to LOVE, to HOPE and to HAVE FAITH. We always believe that there is always something good that will happen in every bad situation.

Amidst all that’s been happening around, it is also sanely right to look into the bright side of things. To look for its silver linings. To find the reason why things happen as they happen. To hope when it is almost completely hopeless. To ensure that there is still left for the world for our loved ones after all of these. It is not the first time humans have experience a pandemic at this grandeur but definitely, the aftermath of this disease leaves us all in trauma.

We are probably wishing that Mother Earth has only played a joke on us and everything we see around is all just the reverse. But every time we check on the internet and see the rising number of deaths from different parts of the world, bit by bit we want to slap ourselves and wake up from a bad dream and convince our mind that this isn’t happening in our lifetime. Realities and truths of the effect of the pandemic keep popping up from our cellphones, laptops and television sets. They are all there creeping us up day by day.

But what if this pandemic is telling us something else? What if this reality will be our new reality from now on? What if our normal will never be the normal but the “new normal” that we’re not expecting. What if the earth and nature are telling us that “they just had enough”? What if the loopholes in our government and its systems can lead us to a more suitable and working government after all and eventually the citizens can rightfully get what they deserve from them? What if the family re-connections that some of us had hope for is finally coming into reality from the absence of it before the total lockdown? What if this life is teaching us that we don’t need a complicated life to live but what only basic dictates? What if this situation has helped us realized that what we are looking for and need is already right in front of us all along? What if the chaos around us is only telling us that God is in control?

The silver linings….

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Filipinos help fellow Filipinos in times of need.

Probably this is an innate trait that we Filipinos have since the old days. We are known for our “Bayanihan” spirit. The willingness to help and the feeling of sympathy seem like a second skin to us. It is so heartwarming to see our “Kababayans” who are blessed and have the upper hand are generously working their ways to help out our poor Kababayans. The business sectors are also giving up their millions to donate to the community. Known tycoons and top economists are looking for ways to reach out to the government on how they can be of help to their nation-wide relief efforts. But what is more touching to see are the men and women who have lesser in life and who don’t have the ways and machinery to help abundantly still offer their selves, their time and the little they have to extend the life of another Filipino in need. That’s pure care for humanity at its finest. It is inspiring and enough to feel proud to be a Filipino. Beyond resilience, adaptability and having the courage to face these very difficult times, we Filipinos are known for these.

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People starts to value their health and wellness more than their wealth.

We often forget to emphasize our health and wellness since we are living now in a very fast-paced world where everyone is so busy building wealth. Yes, money is needed to live. It’s a very important tool, in fact, a very powerful one. But what is the value of money these days if you get sick forever or even face death? This time of the Covid-19 pandemic, simple washing of hands which is so basic and easy, can save millions of lives even our very own life. The fatal effects we see in social media leaves us in shock at how this virus can kill lives in just a day. Probably after this quarantine and after we overcome this crisis, many of us will value and give importance to health and life insurances. At times we often see these insurance agents offering insurances around, we laughed at what they offer and we are simply not convinced at how every clause in their policies can protect us from the damages or costs of identified illnesses. We see insurance policies as liabilities and not as benefits. Now, we will slowly think otherwise. We gear towards being health conscious from now on. 

Photo by Tanya Gorelova from Pexels
Lockdowns, work stoppage, curfews and quarantine periods helped our Mother Earth to breathe and naturally heal.

Somehow this is true. A break from all the extrication man, technologies and advancements of science burst out into our environment. From the unpleasant sounds of the busy streets make, business needs that turn to animals and their eventual cruelties, dark smokes emitted by factories and transportation, harmful chemicals emitted from the industries that create and make life easier for many, the excessive release of man-made compounds causing the thinning of the ozone layer up to the unclean air entering our lungs. These are the wounds of the planet unknowingly to us because we are enjoying while we are abusing it. Probably this pandemic is their only cure but its ironic for us humans. We are the culprit. This could be the only way Mother Earth can speak to her children so she can be heard. Now that people starting to work from home and stay for quarantine periods, the environment can naturally breathe again and heal the wounds impacted in our ecosystems so that man can relive to a cleaner and safer planet once more.

Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash
Health workers, peace-makers and other front liners like farmers, street sweepers, food grab drivers, cargo truck drivers, garbage collectors and the like are now recognized as an important part of our workforce.

Modern-day living heroes as we hear people talk about these men and women in uniforms in all social media platforms. These men and women have been in the community since day one of our lives. They lived with us. We have them all around every single day but we barely notice their presence and importance to our community. It takes us this pandemic to recognize and see their huge and vital contributions to society. We often just pass through them on the streets, the office hallways and hospitals as if they never really exist. They deserve an equally high-pay raise as the people working in the corporate world. They badly needed that long overdue overtime and hazard pay corresponding to the risks they are now taking. They are the people who shield us from the harms of the virus and death. Now we realize that all of these types of low-paying jobs in the country deserve that recognition as part of the whole workforce. 

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New chance to restart, rethink, rebuild, and reconnect

There will now be the best time to make and re-do things right. To start where we once fall and made mistakes in every detail of our lives, the ones that are most important. We start not to sweat on small things in life. We begin to value the meaning of true human relationships if we have failed on so many kinds. We start rebuilding trusts and connections once again. To rely on our own selves and not on other people all the time. To put systems in place where chaos and unruliness can not reign anymore. To keep modernization at bay but still looking for ways to correct the activities being done while developments around happen. To see things all brand new so we can all have refreshing beginnings and new opportunities. Many businesses will be shutting down immediately but economists and businessmen are born thinkers and resilient. New opportunities and businesses will rebound soon. We will never look at the entertainment field ever the same again. Social and religious traditions will have its little tweaks from the old traditions. We will begin to lessen our going to the movie houses, malls, supermarkets, concerts and places that require large gatherings. We may retain social distancing from now on until little by little everything gets better. Companies now may reconsider a work-from-home set-up once in a while and may prove beneficial for both while promoting work-life balance scenarios. This pandemic may have started with huge setbacks now but we will rise stronger in our comebacks.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash
Time stood still. 

For me, this is the best description I can give with what has happened to us. The whole world shuts down and closed temporarily. TIME stood still for us. We start to step back, slow down and listen. We start to finally feel again and remember everything we forgot to do while we are so busy with a lot of things. Suddenly our focus shifts. We don’t remember even what day, date and month it is. We become immobile, locked up in our own homes doing only four most logical things —- sleep, eat, wake up & repeat. And as time stood still, so do our priorities. We suddenly look at the things that we tend to forget, delay or postpone for quite some time. Our life realization becomes apparent because we are so wrapped around in this busy world we created for ourselves that the obvious priorities are really within our reach. We often say time is the enemy because it never stops. Now that time has stopped for us, let us remind ourselves that the world can wait for us until we recover from this ordeal and that we should not always be in a hurry to live this life. Life is too short anyway. We might as well spend it wisely, slowly while time is being our friend.