Things To Prepare Before And After Expecting A New Baby

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New birth of a baby in the family is always a special occasion to celebrate and look forward to by close family and friends. A most awaited life event especially for new couple who are expecting their new bundle of joy. A new baby has always been an overwhelming experience for soon-to-be new parents. And the experience should not be a source of their stress and disorientation since the responsibilities are all new for them. But the worries can be minimized if they will prepare ahead of time.

I am 5 months preggy here.

What are the things that the soon-to-be-parents should prepare before the birth of their little one? What are the preparation needed to consider so the coming of their bundle of joy becomes seamless and perfect? What are the essential things to buy and where to buy it?

Check out the list below which I have presented in three different stages: 1) preparation before giving birth, 2) preparation before going to the hospital and 3) after giving birth.



Preparation Before Giving Birth

At this stage, the mother may be in her 1st or 2nd trimestral of her pregnancy. It is during this time or latter in the 2nd trimestral is where the gender of the baby will be revealed in the ultrasound report. The parents usually prepare the little things for their upcoming baby boy or baby girl. 

During my 1st pregnancy, I found out my baby’s gender in my 6th month. And it’s a girl! My husband was expecting for boy but I was the happiest because I want my eldest to be a girl. So it’s during this month where I bought for her things already.

Baby essentials. These are the immediate things you will need once the  baby comes out. It is vital to choose high quality of cloth for the baby. It should be 100% cotton and very soft. All things should also be hypoallergenic to avoid any unwanted organisms and germs that may harm the baby. Choose the right brands for all these things. Some online shops do offer high quality products in cheaper prices too. Just choose the trusted seller of course.

You can make your own checklist but these are my own checklist. It can serve as guide. The quantity per item is my choice also. It is up to you if you want more or less of it. Remember you don’t need to buy a lot of things at this stage. The baby can grow fast and the essential  things here maybe outgrown too fast too. Make sure to wash these items before the baby wears them.

  • Bibs – 5-10pcs
  • Baby socks – 5-10pcs
  • Sets of booties and mittens – 6-10sets
  • Tie-side tops/dresses (6pcs each for long sleeves, short sleeves & sleeveless)
  • Newborn pajamas – 1 dozen
  • Baby onesies – 1 dozen (6pcs newborn, 6pcs 0-3m)
  • Cloth diapers or lampin – 1 dozen
  • Wash cloths – 6-12pcs
  • Swaddle blankets 6pcs
  • Baby blankets – 6pcs
  • Baby hooded towels – 6pcs
  • Caps/bonnets – 6pcs

Baby accessories. Going to the mall, particularly in their baby and accessories department, can be very exciting and daunting at the same time. You will see a lot of things that you feel you need to buy because of its cuteness. Think twice. Just buy the things you will need.

  • Cotton balls / buds
  • Baby wipes
  • Alcohol
  • Baby oil
  • Diaper pins
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby toys
  • Bottle brush
  • Baby nail cutter
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Thermometer
  • Breast pump (ordinary/manual or electric will do)

  • Baby bottles (6pcs 9oz bottles)
  • Milk dispensers (buy 2 – 1 for home and 1 during travels)

If the baby is breast-fed, you’re lucky because it can save you these things and a lot of money. For me, I was unfortunate not to breast-fed my kid so I bought these….

  • Microwaveable Bottle Sterilizer – I had two at that time because my sister gave hers to me. This is so easy to use to.
  • Formula milk (brand advised by your OB to give your baby)

  • Baby Crib
  • At least 2 sets of  baby comforters, pillow sets and crib bumper – choose the washable type and with cotton fiber. Cloth type should be cotton and very soft. The baby will stay here for a long time. He/she should be very comfortable.

  • Bath tub
  • Baby mats (though not necessary yet)
  • Lots and lots of diapers (choose the best brands – Pampers, EQ and Drypers) these are my tested brands

  • 2-3 sets of baby bottle with 2 oz capacity – someone told me to have these around when the baby comes out. The baby will need these bottles in the nursery room. Aren’t they cute? or the mom? hehe

  • Diaper bag – choose one with lots of room inside for bottles and diapers. Its good to be ready especially if you are in long trips. I was just fortunate someone gave me a diaper bag as an early Christmas gift


Preparation before going to the hospital

It’s the D-day and your baby essentials and things are all prepared. However there are still some important things to prepare before going to the hospital.

Normally, your OB doctor will let you admit at least a day earlier before your due date. Sometimes, the baby wants to come out earlier than her/his mother’s due date so it is crucial to be ready at least a month before the due date.

We live in Bulacan, so we chose a nearby hospital instead of going to Manila to avoid the traffic and more logistics nightmares. And besides, my OB doctor who’s also our family friend is affiliated in this hospital and we feel safe with her around. We got big discounts too!

These checklist will help you to prepare before going to the hospital:

  • Admission slip and birth plans from your OB doctor – These are instructions by your OB doctor regarding your delivery operation. These forms you usually give out to the attending hospital nurse before admission.
  • Philhealth/SSS ID/SSS Maternity Forms/Government IDs – these forms are vital once you are admitted. Prepare them beforehand, have them xeroxed too so that processing would be seamless for you and especially for your husband.
  • HMO Cards – there are HMO card that covers maternity expenses, if that’s the case, then you are so fortunate. But it is good to have it with you even if it does not cover these expenses. But sometimes, mother encounters complications before or after giving birth which would suggest the use of HMO card. So it is better to have it around.
  • Cash – of course! The couple should have already calculated and saved money for this day. Though sometimes the statutory benefits can pay for the bill already, it is still good to have enough cash for other balances, additional expenses and emergencies.
  • Other logistics – extra pillows or mattress for your husband, extra blankets for both of you, jacket, towels, food, water, medicines, tooth brush, tooth paste, soaps, utencils, cups and magazines to entertain you during the waiting time. For the mom, sanitary napkins and binders are very usable after giving birth.
  • Baby essentials and accessories – don’t forget these things of course. It’s for the baby!

  • Big plastic containers – these containers were very useful to us when I was admitted to the hospital. So easy to pack too. It is good to have these around.


After giving birth

  • By this time, your little nursery should be ready. My husband prepared this set-up for the baby. I got this crib on sale in SM store at Php1,800 at that time. It was really a good buy and I like the white color too.
  • The house and the room should be cleaned and sanitized when the baby comes home.
  • A stroller is also an essential ride when the baby is already around. The baby will already be travelling with the parents and this little ride is a big help.

Last but not the least, both new parents should be physically, economically, emotionally and spiritually ready to face the responsibilities that the new baby brings in to the family.