Unleash Your Kid’s Creative Potentials

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There’s a whole new world outside of the school as they say. It is not always purely theories and academics. They are there to guide us and give us the information that we need to know. Sitting in the chair for 7-8 hours inside the classroom every week will not make your child a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, an actress, a dancer, a painter or even a president of a country. It entails a lot of work. But work without play can make the child dull. It’s true! It is only by applications that they can truly learn. Applications of the tools and learning they got inside the classroom are better gauge if our children have really learned something or not. And as they apply them, they express themselves and show how much they can still do.

Bielle barely two years old when I bought her colored pencils.

As parents, our role is to make sure that our children can get their full potential in anything they want to do in life later on. Every child possesses a gift. We have to help them nurture that gift. I believe it is that gift that we are created unique among all God’s creations. Which leads me to the same belief that we should never compare our children to other children as well. The uniqueness in every child is different from the other. They will never be the same. Among siblings too not because they came from only one mother or one father and we expect same results from them. It is not something biological in nature. They may share the same interest in arts for example, but the way they comprehend or interpret it are different. They may be interested in music but the other one likes dancing more while the other is singing. Their exposure to the outside world and the people they get to interact with are big factors that can affect how they think, express and speak.

Bielle & Kate appreciating art in a museum.

I browse my Facebook feeds everyday. I admire parents who spends time with their child or children during weekends or on days that they are free. They bring them to churches, museums in Manila, book fairs, short trips to nearby provinces, “staycations” or getaways in hotels, recreational areas in the malls and sometimes enroll them in art, dance or voice schools. In places like these, we may not notice it but slowly we get to expose them to added learning because of new discoveries, that there’s really a bigger arena besides the house and school alone. They get to meet new friends along the way and join exchange of views during real conversations. They get to find out how they react and see what’s in front of them. They get to try new stuff as well. They get to enjoy things that brings them interest.

Oh we all love music.

If the family can spend on these type of recreations, by all means spend money for the children’s benefits. But if the family is living within their means but would want to try new things out with the family, there are some inexpensive activities and places you can go to also. Enjoying your family while the kids are learning doesn’t have to be an expensive activity. There are a lot to do at home where your kid’s imagination and creativity can be put to test.

Bielle trying karaoke singing just like me on my early days.
Bielle trying out KUMON two years ago.
Kate loves this activity on her whiteboard. She enjoys drawing. This is where she is good at.
Kate loves activity books just like her Ate Bielle. She loves to play with her colors too.

So you see as simple as these activities are as long as it interests them give way to a more beneficial undertaking for them when they get older. You as parents will also get a hint on what your children would want to be in the future. If this happens, support them early on. Give them the tools, the techniques and the how tos so they can arrive at their own conclusion of finding out what they really want in life. We let them discover it for themselves. We don’t dictate or push want we want for them to happen. We let them be as creative as they want to be. We let them dream their own dreams. This is the only way they can get their full potential.