From Working Mom to Stay-At-Home Mom to Work-At-Home Mom

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When I quit my corporate work in 2012 after 16 years of being employed, it was the sweetest freedom I ever tasted my entire life. It was the most relieving moment for me as if heavy loads of stress just came pouring out my physical body like smoke and just disappeared, vanished from thin air. It was one satisfying whirlwind feeling but it was all good. It’s not that I didn’t like what I do as a Human Resources Practitioner because I do. The income I got had gone a long way too. But the feeling of having to repeat a labor extensive activities such as going to and from the office by commuting everyday, doing daily routines in the office, loads of paper works here and there, meetings such as FGDs, team meetings, monthly meetings and divisional meetings and following orders of the big bosses everyday. These cycle continues and keeps on repeating again and again each day. It never ends. You never run out of work. There is always something to work on to. Work never ceases. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my old job. It gave me a sense of fulfillment that after graduation, I landed in multi-million companies with good mentors, nice pay and benefits and work that I liked. And I was grateful for those experiences. Probably, I just got tired early on and I became ……. a MOM!

After I handed in my resignation letter, been dreaming of what would my day be like when I’m just at home all day with my eldest daughter and just waiting for her dad to come home at night from the office. I wondered how our day would be like just sitting, playing, eating, watching TV, while me cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing the laundry and some domestic errands outside. Dreaming of this is like as if one list on my bucket list has been ticked off. It has been my childhood dream before that one day I’m going to be a mom, start my own family and be a simple housewife . I know one day it will come. Now it was right in front of me. Circumstances had me. This was the path I chose as of now.

And so I did. And what do you know, I suddenly became part of the population group of SAHMs just like that. As old folks would say, the woman once married and have kids should stay at home and take care of the family. Such a noble and selfless act, right? I’m sure SAHMs like me can only relate. But that same realization has also led me to a conclusion that not all SAHMs are contented on their current state. Remember our culture now dictates that we can no longer live in a single income to raise a family especially with families with 2 or more kids. The rise of the market values of almost all commodities, services and the need to catch up with the technologies can diminish the value of that single income even how much high pay you receive. Enough is no longer enough these days. With the upbeat of technologies, the needs of people also increases. With that new services the technology could offer in terms of household works, families need to catch up on things like these too. And that need entails money most of the time, an extra on top of our daily or monthly budget.

Besides money, that urge and feeling of having to work again and engaging your body to move and get physical again was there. The only difference this time was, I want to work while taking care of my babies and the household at the same time. I don’t want to work in an office set up anymore. And it will only happen if I do business at the confines of my home. Which I eventually did. I have a laptop and an internet access at home and online selling was a trend. It was the best job to be in at that time and still at this time. Gathered my tools, resources, little capital and started my online store from scratch. I have built my networks over the years, supplier base and bazaar contacts. I learned the ins and outs of the online selling community circle. I got the hang of it and eventually enjoyed its benefits and what it brought to my family. Enough help to add to our daily budget and to support my working husband with all the expenses the best way I can. 

Since I got the chance to enjoy all these three worlds being a working mom, stay-at-home mom and now a work-at-home mom in this lifetime, I must say that I it has never been easy. Whatever state moms are in, simply being a mom is extremely difficult already, physically draining, emotionally consumed by stress, over-thinking non-stop and loosing sleep more and more each passing day. The burden of having to put in all together for other people, even how impossible it is sometimes, we have to push it all through. That’s how strong mothers are. Obstacles are just stumbling blocks that needed to be jumped on and afterwards walk the same path as if nothing happened.

Never under estimate mom’s power because moms rule the world may she be a WM, SAHM or WAHM. It doesn’t matter!