Online Selling: A Choice for Stay Home Moms

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Online seller basic business tools: laptop, mobile phone, calculator, notebook, a pen and of course an internet or Wi-Fi.

Technology has offered a lot of benefits in this fast pace environment. It becomes an outlet for creativity, passion and productivity. It brings new and wide range of income generating resources too. One of the very popular is online selling. This e-commerce platform offers low operational costs, gives both a global and local audience to sell products online since you can publicly display them, pay and delivery schemes  are limitless and almost all of the people these days can access the internet 24/7 even at the confines of their home.

Online selling probably has been most popular with women, women like moms especially stay home moms. Before, stay home moms never get the chance to earn their own money or earn for the family. They are just stuck with chores and baby-sitting most of the time. But now these business minded moms enjoy their new found hobby in online selling. They can sell all types of products from beauty products, baby clothing and accessories, gadgets, RTWs, home products and so on. The choices are endless.

These moms are great in multi-tasking. Their roles get doubled even tripled in a day. They are mom, wife, CEO and general operations manager of their own online business. Lots of work for just one person. Sometimes these moms get to be lucky to hire an assistant if their business is getting bigger and other tasks are getting harder to perform by just one or when it gets to interfere with other domestic tasks. Of course the family comes first as much as possible but business dealings are equally important now when these moms get into this kind of business. It is for them to joggle which things to prioritize first on a daily basis. Once they get the hang of it everyday they become highly skilled when we speak of multi-tasking and still manage to get all things done in just one day.

Stay home moms have mastered time management. From the time they get up from bed up to their last tasks before going to bed, these moms can perfectly line-up their tasks from the most important to the least important. They know how much time to allot in one single task. They have to because there are still kids to feed and to be fetch in school. Their needs come first in the schedule before any online selling activities. The bulk of the activities of an online seller usually comes after lunch. The leg works start from packaging orders and then deliveries. Usually delivery cut-offs of  package couriers are between three to four in the afternoon. After that time the house hold chores come in next for these moms. Online inquiries and order taking can be done while doing chores. These activities must not take most of their valuable time because they can also be done during their spare time and they can control their own pace in doing so. They can be done in just a click or two in an android phone or laptop anyway.

These moms are earning their own money and can help pay the bills. Yes, stay home moms can now share with the family expenses. An extra hand is better than none as they say. Their earnings can do a lot. And it is a different kind of feeling for these moms that they can bring something up to the plate for the family. It gives a great sense of joy and fulfillment as a mom and wife. She gets to stretch an extra budget for “wants”, for travels, for groceries, for new clothes, for new appliances, for extra capital, for savings, for self-improvements and other nice-to-haves for the whole family. It’s their hard earn money anyway.

These moms get to be their own boss. When doing online selling there are certain rules and ethics to follow too just like in real corporate set-up. It’s like they are going in the office but actually not. They have real clients to attend to and serve. But the demand for their time and presence are not that too demanding. They can have a small office space in the house though so they can create a certain feeling that they are actually in an office atmosphere. And this can add a little inspiration in what they do.  But what’s great in this type of job is that they get to be their own boss. And no one can dictate what to do and what not to do. Their rules, their pace, their effort and their own time. Who’s the boss around the house anyway?

Online selling gives these moms a new perspective as a house hold manager and as an income earner. These moms now have the choice to leave the corporate world for a much better set-up for them and the family. And who are we to say that they made a wrong choice. Circumstances are different for each and every moms in the world.  But there’s only one underlying reason why these moms are great in what they do. Everything they do is for the good of the family.