Taytay Bazaars: Truely A Garment Haven Zone

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Taytay is the 9th biggest city in the Calabarzon and famously dubbed as “Garments Capital of the Philippines”in the province of Rizal. Geographically, Taytay is also located near ship ports and airports and stands a few kilometers away outside of the metropolis. Taytay now is making its name as the number one source of garments in the country. People of Taytay aggressively taking advantage of its geographic location and rich natural resources. No wonder they are now the top garment suppliers in Baclaran and Divisoria flea markets today.

Been to Taytay Tiangge twice. I am from Bulacan and I know there are a lot of fashion designers and dressmakers in Bulacan too not to mention garment factories which are run by big time Bombay owners and other locals. I know because I am also one of their usual buyer. But Taytay flea market is something.  When talking about garments, it’s all there. All in one big location, a one-stop shop for OOTDs. And as an online seller, Taytay is the best place where I can get good source of garment suppliers, some of them can ship goods via courier services and that’s a plus for me. A place for new ideas and new products to offer for my physical and online stores. During those two visits I have observed why this flea market is such a big hit to fashionistas, RTW owners and the like these days.

Here are my observations:

More wide stalls. There are stalls with bigger showroom than others. More items, more to see. Potential for more sales. Normal bazaar stall sizes is 2ft x 3ft but some are double even triple in sizes. For me as I see it, the bigger their stalls, more likely they are the manufacturer or the factory owners themselves. They have bigger stock lots to offer than those sellers with smaller areas.

First in style and its wide variety of outfits. Name it, they have it! Outfits from head to toe. OOTD-die hards and OOTD selfie addicts surely know what I am talking about. Every new style of outfits in the market surely these Taytay stall owners have them. Prices of merchandise here are  offered almost half the price than what’s being offered in Baclaran and Divisoria flea markets. Very teasing right?

Schedule of Bazaars. Bazaar schedules here are flexible. When I say flexible meaning the schedules cater to different types of buyers may they be an online seller, store owner, bazaar owner, fashionista, RTW stall owner, an office worker and even a student. A typical stall usually opens late because most stall owners stays up to 12 midnight up to the wee hours of the morning. Yes, they have night market schedules. And they say goods are more cheaper when bought at the night market. Some stall owners say they offer half of the price or less P20 than what is being offered during daytime.


  •  BAGPI – Monday: 8pm until Tuesday 2 pm
    Wednesday: 5 pm to 12:00 midnight
    Thursday: 8 pm until Friday 2 pm
    Saturday: 5 am to 2 pm
  •  MYSEOUL – Tuesday and Friday: 12 am to 6 pm
    Sunday, Thursday and Saturday : 6 am to 6 pm
  • FREEDOM TIANGGE – Monday-Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm
  • TAYTAY MUNICIPAL TIANGGE (formerly known as Mayora’s Tiangge) –   Monday: 8 pm until Tuesday 2 pm, Thursday 9 pm to Friday 10 am
  • PARKWAY/EUGENE TIANGGE – Tuesday-Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm.

Clean restrooms. One thing that amazes me here are their clean toilets and washrooms. Each of the bazaar outlets here have one clean and accessible restrooms for the visitors and bazaar vendors. These are paid restrooms by the way.  Not a bad thing though. If I need to pay five pesos for its use and I can see that they are all well-maintained and odorless by all means they can have my money. In a very busy establishment like that, I can make use of a very cozy place to freshen up, respond to a nature’s call and rest my very eager shopper legs.

There are rooms for improvements that I can suggest too:

Categorically Arranged Stalls. If I am a first time buyer or a first time goer of Taytay Tiangge, I will be lost and confused on what items to look at and buy. I maybe ready with my own list of things to get but I don’t know where to start or what items to look for first. I would be glad to see kids section or outlet in one place and then shoes and bags in one area and same with the section for adult dresses. By doing so, buyers can maximize their shopping time and planning would be a breeze.

Parking. One thing they have to improve though are the parking areas. Since most of the buyers are big sellers and suppliers, vans or SUVs are needed and they occupy a lot of spaces. They can have one big lot area solely as parking facility. Probably the Municipality of Taytay already has a more detailed plan for this in their menu table. Because the place has a lot of potentials and can invite more tourists and fashionistas even from faraway cities and provinces.

Nevertheless, the joy of being a Taytay shopper alone is there simply because there are a lot to see that a little amount of money can buy. Simply a must-see haven for shoppers!